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  • Who is Joelle and what's this podcast about?


    A writer, journalist, survivor, and international spokesperson for other survivors of child sexual abuse, I've always had the "gift:": people tell me everything. At parties, I get life stories. At the grocery store, people tell me their deepest secrets. Sometimes, it's not terribly convenient. But every time it's pretty cool.


    You can learn more about me at casteix.com


    People fascinate me. I love to ask questions. And when you ask someone the RIGHT question at the RIGHT time, the results can be extraordinary.


    Every week, I share the best with you.

  • Episodes

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    Kat Oltmans was an elementary and middle school teacher who lived for those "A-Ha" moments: the...
      When Diana Isyanova was 16, her mother came to the United States from Uzbekistan to make a...
      Kristin Jensen is a direct descendant of Brigham Young—the second president of the Mormon...
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