Episode 5: Learn to Code! So she did.

A COVID-era educator finds new inspiration in tech

Kat Oltmans was an elementary and middle school teacher who lived for those "A-Ha" moments: the magical times when a kid who has been struggling with a concept finally "gets it." When she saw an exodus of teachers in her children's school, she accepted the call and re-entered the classroom. It was tough—especially when she was required to wear numerous hats in the education eco-system—but the "A-Ha" moments kept her inspired.

Enter 2020.

COVID protocols, the instant pivot to online, and unreasonable demands on classroom teachers found her working 12-15 hour days. Then, because of a hearing impairment that requires hearing aids, a classroom full of masked kids meant that her ability to understand and isolate language was severely limited. It was beyond discouraging.

Until the day her husband said to her, "You like math. Have you ever thought about coding?"

And a new passion was born.

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